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Discover the limitless possibilities of digital learning and exploration with Pythaverse. Join our vibrant community of educators, learners, and creators to enter new worlds of digital learning and collaboration with Pythaverse Hub. 

What is Pythaverse Hub?

Pythaverse Hub ( PHub) is a Common verse of Pythaverse. PHub is an open interoperable metaverse that can integrate with 3rd party metaverse, digital assets, and blockchains. Participants, including educators, parents, students, and visitors, can join virtually and visit (free or paid) public events and spaces, such as museums, galleries, workshops, competitions, and themed parks. 

PHub includes virtual classrooms, hosted immersive forums, and public spaces where attendants can interact and travel site to site. Schools can build or contract a service to build their presence in this common verse, and students can own, show, and tell their efforts and results. 

With PHub, users can explore and join public events and spaces, see their own achievements in galleries, read books from libraries, and play to learn in the themed parks, you can access PHub via a mobile phone, a PC or VR device.

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