How to use Leanbot Tools

To use Leanbot effectively, you need to make sure that Leanbot is fully charged before using it.
Here’s the Leanbot Battery Charging Guide

Step 1. Charge Leanbot by plugging in the cord as shown in the photo

Step 2. You should see the LED above the battery flashing (blue or red). This means that the Robot battery is being charged.

Step 3. When you see that the LED is no longer blinking, it means that the robot battery is fully charged.
Charging time is usually between 2-4 hours, depending on how long the robot is used.

To learn Leanbot effectively, you will regularly use the following 4 learning aids, throughout the learning process:

1. Pythaverse Homepage: Access link and log in to your Pythaverse account to access your Main Workspace page.

2. PLearn page: Click PLearn on Main Workspace or visit the link to open a page dedicated to learning.

3. Leanbot IDE page: is a page for editing, compiling, and uploading code to Leanbot.

4. PGIT page: is a page that saves and manages code.

5. Leanbot Blockly: is page for programming with Basic Blockly

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