Instructions for installing Driver connected port to the Arduino circuit

When connecting Leanbot to your computer via USB cable, you may get the following error: #

Port Connection Error Image

Cause: The computer does not have the connector driver installed #

  • You can try to follow the instruction video below:

  • Or follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit to link #

Step 2: Click Drivers (If You Need Them) #

Click “Drivers (If You Need Them)

Step 3: Click “Window (EXE)” to download the driver file for Windows OS #

  • Click Window (EXE) to download

Click Windows (EXE) to download

  • Note: You have the choice to select the fitting driver for your computer’s operating system.

Step 4: Select the folder to save the file and click “Save” on your computer” #

Click “Save” on your computer

Step 5: Select Open file #

  • After the download is complete, we will get the CH341SER.EXE file as shown below.
  • Right click and select Open file or double click to proceed with the installation.

Select Open file

Step 6: Click “Run” button #

Click Run to install

Step 7: Click “Install” button #

Click the “Uninstall” button first, then click on the “Install” button.*1lp9jhc*_ga*MjA0NDI4OTg2Ni4xNjkyMDA0NjAy*_ga_T369JS7J9N*MTY5MjAwODYxOS4yLjEuMTY5MjAwOTE0My42MC4wLjA.

Windows CH340 Driver Installation

Step 8: Click OK to complete the installation #

  • Wait for a few seconds, a window will appear saying that the installation is successful, select OK to finish.

Click OK to finish the installation

  • Congratulations, you have successfully installed the port driver connected to the Arduino board!

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